Tax Evaders


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Tax Evader

Profit x $36.1 billion
Taxes x $0
Refund x $1.5 billion
Gallons of crude oil spilled in Gulf x 200 million
Govt safety violations x 760
U.S. Military contracts in 2011 x 22
Year: 2010
Despite $36.1 billion in profits, BP ended up claiming nearly $41 billion in losses due to the Gulf Oil spill. Before the spill was considered, BP was paying $11.4 billion in total taxes; after the Gulf disaster was considered, BP recorded a $4.8 billion net loss and received a $1.5 billion refund.
Sources: BP's 2010 SEC 20-F filing; a Defense Department study on the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill; a study on OSHA violations between June 2007 and Feb 2010; and a Bloomberg article on U.S. contracts.


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